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SoftWave TRT

SoftWave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses patented technology to promote healing at the cellular level, improve blood supply, and initiate the body’s natural healing process.



 SoftWave has proven success with improving blood supply and reducing inflammation. It  requires no downtime, anesthesia, or numbing agents. By increasing blood supply,

it helps modulate inflammation as well as stimulates and activates StemCells which help repair and regenerate tissue. SoftWave works on acute and chronic pain by using a noninvasive treatment style that can be delivered in a short amount of sessions with long lasting effects.



SoftWave’s OrthoGold® is an advanced shock wave device using

electrohydraulic spark gap technology with a patented parabolic reflector that produces an unfocused or parallel acoustic wave over a broad.  By using unfocused energy to create a pressure change, the shock wave gets a superficial and deep biological response at the cellular level that stimulates the bodies natural healing processes. 

ortho running pic.png

Potential Indications 

Plantar Fasciitis

Stress fractures

Foot ulcer pain


Shoulder Pain

Scar tissue treatment


Hamstring pain

Fascial release

Patella tendinitis (Jumpers Knee) 

Chronic Tendinopathies especially of the knee, shoulder,

ankle, elbow and other common overused joint areas. 

Calcifying Tendinopathy of the Shoulder

Bone Pathologies: Delayed Bone Healing

Lateral Epicondylopath y (Tennis Elbow)

Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints)

How do Sessions work? 

Shockwaves elicit a strong cellular response. The sudden change in pressure caused by the shockwaves triggers the cell to respond as it would to trauma. In other words: shockwaves initiate a biologic healing response. Numerous studies show the release of growth factors, anti-inflammatory agents and an improved blood supply in response to SWTRT.

How Long is a Session? 

Appointments are typically 15minutes and the procedure should  takes 5-10 minutes. Much like an ultra-sound procedure, the treatment area will be covered with gel to ensure good shock- wave transmission. After coupling the therapy head to your body your medical professional will deliver a diagnosis specific number of pulses. The energy can be applied at your personal comfort level.

How do I Schedule for a Session?

Its super easy. Click here to schedule your first session today! 

Contact our Office to Schedule your Appointment today.

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