Dr. Andy

From a young age Dr. Andy saw the influence chiropractic had on the community. Dr. Andy grew up in a holistic chiropractic home and his father continues to practice in Scottdale PA. Dr. Andy was a multisport athlete playing both football and track and field. He attended Waynesburg University with both an academic and athletic scholarship. In 2013 Dr. Andy graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Biology. Following in his father’s footsteps he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA.
While attending Palmer, Dr. Andy participated in many clubs and played rugby for the Palmer Dragons. It was here where he met his wife and better half, Dr. Kailey. Dr. Andy took strong interest in chiropractic philosophy as well as taking additional course in Thompson Technique and Torque Release Technique.
Dr. Andy and Dr. Kailey are very excited to be in this health conscious community while offering its members specific chiropractic care. Our goals as a chiropractic wellness clinic is to be a staple in the community while serving the people through education and the art of chiropractic adjustments.

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Dr. Kailey

Dr. Kailey Armor grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta. She was a sports enthusiast competing in everything from track and golf to soccer, hockey and rugby. Her passion and dedication to hockey took her to Bemidji, Minnesota where she began her collegiate career playing Division 1 for the Beavers. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science summa cum laude and earned the Outstanding Major Award for her work ethic, enthusiasm and community involvement throughout her time in undergrad. Dr. Kailey then followed her passion of health and wellness to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. Her postgraduate education was busy filled with extra practicums, clubs, sports and work-study’s to further her experience, knowledge and skill in the chiropractic field. Her work ethic and passion for helping others was recognized when she was awarded the esteemed Clinical Excellence Award upon graduation. After many years of competitive sports Dr. Kailey understands the benefits of keeping the body functioning at its highest level and believes everyone can benefit from having a fully functioning nervous system. Dr. Kailey’s chiropractic approach has helped many people with problems such as pain relief, asthma, ear infections, sleep problems, digestive issues, improved immunity, reproductive health, enhanced performance and most importantly understanding preventative health and lifestyle changes for a long and healthy life!

Dr. Kailey has a special passion for prenatal and postpartum Chiropractic care and has spent many hours in addition to her time at Palmer advancing her education through the ICPA. She is certified in Webster technique, which is a thorough Chiropractic analysis and adjustment for the pelvis which optimizes pelvic position and function during pregnancy and can help reduce pain and labor times. She is additionally certified as a BIRTHFIT Leader and has taken numerous courses with Spinning Babies and other Birth Workers. 

Look no further for local Prenatal and Postpartum Chiropractic Care or your families Pediatric Chiropractor!

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