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Back Office Assistant 

Compass is currently looking for a Back Office Assistant. We would love someone who loves all things data entry and is able to work independently. see below for details on the description. 

Skills and Requirements 

This position is entry level and no previous experience is necessary. You will be handling incoming paperwork and administrative things such as shredding, scanning, clipping posture pictures ect. you will also be a helpful cleaning fairy in our office space as needed.  


Organization. You will be handlilng Practice Member files and notes organization and attention to details is a must. 

Attention to detail 

Data entry and working and inputting notes is a huge part of this position and Accuracy and attention to detail needs to be ensured. 

Independant workwer

This position is an independent position that requires task focus and emphasis on completion in a reasonable amount of time. 


The list of duties for this position are task orientated and include, Scanning, shredding, Rx notes, Clipping posture pictures, re-filing folders, filling out birthday cards, keeping forms and drawers stocked and making extra copies as needed. It also includes some mid-day cleaning and prepping of Practice member files, prepping files beforehand, updating demographic information and entering notes into Practice member charts.

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